Additional riding light

I am going to fit a small led riding light under the headlamp on my new V7 111 special. Which is the best and easiest connection point on the wiring harness lighting circuit.I am new to the Guzzi so I thought that I had better ask those who are more knowledgeable rather than just break into the lighting circuit.

Hi George, I think that you will find that fitting a red light, facing forward, will be frowned upon by our powers that be … There must be many pages and chapters in the “Construction and use Regulations” … Many years ago I was told by at one of the many PSV tests I’ve been to, "If it faces forward, it should be white … If it illuminates to the side, it should be amber, and if it is on the back, it should be red. " … There are obviously certain rules regards repeater indicator lights, and marker lights, ( on the sides of HGV’s), but those simple rules should keep you out of trouble at your next MOT …
I hope this helps … Regards, Tony

Hi Tony,
Unfortunately you have misread my query. I mentioned that I was to fit an led ( LED ) light not a red light. I do agree with your comment concerning red lights though,

OOPS …!!

After browsing through earlier posts I have come across your comments regarding a switched live socket behind the headlamp for a Tom Tom. I have just checked my bike and for the life of me I cannot find it. Perhaps MG have eliminated it on the latest v7’s. Any comments ?

I agree. I couldn’t find this socket behind the headlight on my V7ii Special.

However, I did find a two wire switched socket behind the L-Hand side panel. Have a look at:

It appears under the post heading of:

“Two spare sockets – one 2-way the other 5-way - V7ii”

If you were to use this, you would need:

  1. to check that the wiring can cope with the ampage demands of a light.

  2. a Tyco Amps Superseal connector to plug into it, if you didn’t want to cut and solder.

Hi Jeff,
There seems to be a glitch in that after clicking on your suggested link it takes me back to the login. And I cannot get any further.
Yesterday I noticed what I thought was a possible fancy twin socket behind the r/h panel with an elaborate sealing arrangement which is perhaps what you are referring to. I wonder if it is for servicing and diagnostics. Although I am new to Guzzi’s there does seem to be a dearth of electrical information for our bikes. I am a little uneasy about using this socket in case I upset any sensitive electrical circuitry.

I fitted an LED driving light under the fairing of my Spada by connecting it into the pilot light circuit. But I presume your V7 has permanent lights on so you could also piggy back it off the headlight.

Sorry about the link not working. Go to the post itself. It is headed:

Two spare sockets – one 2-way the other 5-way - V7ii

I have attached a photograph there of the two sockets.

The 2-way socket on my V7ii has a sealing socket on it. See the photograph referred to above. This sealing socket unclips quite easily.

I meant to refer to the L-Hand side panel (not the R-Hand). I will alter my earlier post accordingly.

I am fairly certain that the socket for the diagnostics is 3-way and probably accessed from under the seat, near the fuses. It is on my V7ii.

Perhaps this is a solution ?