AGM Webinar - aka Virtual AGM

Hi all,

most of you should by now have received your AGM info pack and Ballot paper, even I have got mine here in France :smiley: .

The Passcodes are not that easily spottable, but they are on the first page, 2nd paragraph. You can also find them on the “Members Page” of the Club Website and the “Club Members discussion area” on the Club Forum.

You will not be able to ask questions at the meeting (this would need a commercial set up that only big companies have!). However if you have a question to a report from a committee member you can email them and they will email you back.

You will find a copy of the 2019 AGM Minutes on the ‘Members Page’ of the Website

Cheers Uki

Hi Uki,

Would it be possible to e mail the ballot paper and passcode for the AGM?

I have not received a Gambalunga since middle of last year due to COVID shutting down the Post Office in South Africa.

many thanks

Phil Skinner

Hi Phil,

The passcodes for the Webinar (Virtual AGM) are on the members only section of the Forum and Website.

The Voting pack info is on the Website in Events/AGM.

I have enquired how to handle situations like yours and will keep you informed.

Cheers Uki

Sorry Uki I will be away that weekend in Cornwall and not able to connect.

Have fun!

Have fun in Cornwall and have a Cream Tea for me.