Air box removal V7 Classic

Just a bit of brain exercising on a cold winter evening as I quite like the idea of a slimmer looking bike.

How easy/hard would it be to remove the air box and filter and replace it with individual filters? I realise there would be issues with the FI set up but as it’s taken me 40 years to get to grips with carbs I’ve no idea what they would be!

Any Super Wizard tuners out there?

Bob, a fellow on Guzzitech did that; replaced the airbox with pod filters. It was a load of work. A much larger project than at a first blush. Really. You might do a search there for his post, but it may have been lost in their forum change. Or, you could post there and see if he’s still around.

Thanks Joe, I’ll have a look.

My Nevada Classic is presently in a shop in San Francisco having head work done, cylinders enlarged, etc. In addition I’m having the air box removed and pod filters fitted. Naturally it will need to be reprogrammed so I’m having a Power Commander fitted and having it dyno tuned. I’m not sure what all will be involved with removing the air box and fitting the pod filters, however, I should have the bike back in about two weeks and would be happy to provide you with any information and pictures if that would be helpful.


Sounds interesting and rather expensive! Let us know if your hard earned was well spent.

Bob, it’s relatively expensive, but not as expensive as buying a new bike. I ride with groups of mostly cruisers that all have much larger engines, so I needed to increase my power a bit in order to comfortably stay with them when they occasionally started playing Ricky Racer. From what I’d read, these modifications will take the Nevada from a RWHP of 38.8 (when I did a dyno run) to around RWHP of 55. I’d be happy to share both dyno charts (before and after) when the modifications are complete.

Skromfols, you’re putting in a Milich big bore kit, right? When you dyno it could you post the charts on the Yahoo 750 group files page? There’s about a dozen dyno charts already there, and yours would be a good addition to this reference.

Sign216, Yes, Ed Milch is actually doing the work. And I’ll either be posting the results on the MG 750 forum or sending it to you to post.