Air filter replaced without removing tank

Not wanting to risk finding out that my plastic tank had expanded on my V7 Classic, I managed to change the filter without removing it.

Remove both horns, push connection wires out of way.
Remove plastic cover above regulator.
Remove regulator - not possible as one bolt head has been rounded off.
Undo screws on the first cover - long handled screwdriver and small ratchet used for this.
Remove secondary cover and pull the filter out.
You need to manoeuvre the main cover out of the way - helps to remove the mesh grille so you don’t scratch paintwork.
Grease the sides of the new filter or airbox and slide the new one in.
A bit of a fiddle but easy to do.

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Very interesting, because I didn’t realise that on the early small block V7’s the filter is still located under the tank. On the newer V7’s, it’s under the seat and consequently so much easier to access; simply a case of removing a plastic lid. But is that only with the single throttle body versions? (Possibly a rhetorical question)


Thanks for that. Could be very handy when I get to that point.