Air pump for 1945 Airone

My Airone has spigots on frame 13.5 inches apart to accommodate a bicycle style air pump, which for completeness and emergency’s I would like to fit. I’m guessing I would need one an inch or so longer in relaxed state to compress and clip into place. Does anyone know where I can order one from. Of course if it was embossed with Guzzi name or logo that would be better still.

Thanks, Richard


Answering my own question I found a source of the tyre air pumps with Guzzi Retro in Abbadia Lariana, just a few kilometres south of Mandello. Run by Marco Ciabarri and administered by the very efficient Arianna who replies in excellent English, they had all the other service spares I required. Following PayPal payment they arrived within days via DHL. The pump was around €48, fits bike perfectly, has foot steady and sports Guzzi logo.

Thoroughly recommended.