Airone Headlight Fuse

I am trying to find a replacement for the 8 Amp fuse inside my 1952 Airone Headlight. The standard continental type fuses are the correct length, but the is diameter smaller than the original fuse and does not make good contact with the connectors of the fuse holder.
Does anyone know where I cam get a replacement fuse?

Would it not be possible to pinch the fuse holder tangs with some long nosed pliers to the correct diameter?

Hi Mark,

I think you will find that the fuses are a larger diameter version of the usual fuses found on the Tonti framed models. ie the ends of the caps are clamped between two tangs with holes in them. I think Chris is thinking of fuses that are similar to those used in 13amp plugs, where the holder grips around the diameter of the cap. sounds to me like you need to source bigger diameter fuses or slip a small washer over the endcaps so that the tangs don’t pass over the diameter of the fuse.
The only bike I have with the large diameter fuses is the Ercolino, circa 1961. Both the Super Alce and the Galletto ,circa 1952, have "normal small diameter fuses. (Your Airone is a 1950 model so is closer to the latter). Strange but true!



I get it now, thanks Phil. If you cannot source the fuses maybe change the fuse box to a modern(ish) one or just replace the holders with a later type in the original fuse box?