All Clutch parts

I was in the process of getting the org V1000 engine ready to go back into the frame taking the T5 one out (About time) Checking the clutch friction plates, over 8.5mm so hardly used then on further inspection the friction material moved the rivets had become loose… OMG

Good job I really looked hard at them huh! So online and new ones ordered from Gutsibits, bit of a downer as I was hoping to get it all done and dusted this weekend so we could pop to The Clox Forward. Oh well never mind, The clutch in the T5 has been in there about 8 yrs now so at least it is not a job I have to do THAT often, so I am taking the time to check repaint and refurb any bits I normally can’t get to or see.


I have had loose ones alright so I have. And also two that have pulled the centre clean out of the plates. Think I posted photos of them before but as the thread has come back around I will dig them out later. Here you are…As with Ken there was loads of wear left on the plates.Must be the mighty grunt of the G5 ?Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek !!!theone&onlymin
theone&onlymin2014-03-23 16:17:20