Alternatives to front brake disks?

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I can’t find a thread - what is involved in fitting alternative (larger?) disks and calipers to a wire-wheeled T3? I fancy e.g. a floating Brembo set from a Ducati.

Why?I have seen it done on a Mock1 made from a T3, we assumed it was because the origonal discs were unobtainable.Gutsibits now do them.

It was partly the ‘look’ of larger disks, but also the much better prices for more modern parts. Even the later MG brakes would be fineMr Noisy2014-07-28 13:54:17

If you are going for price the EBC replacement for my bike was £170.00.The Brembo equivelant was £225.00.

Just to be pedantic, ‘disk’ is an abbreviation of the computer ‘diskette’, so named 'cause it’s a smaller version (5.25" and smaller) of the original 8 inch diameter floppy disc.

Brake discs are discs.

Personally I think it might require different wheel and forks.

I think disks are fitted as original equipment on the US spec. bikes,

If going for the later system (Ducati, Cali EV etc) it’s worth remembering that rebuild kits aren’t available for calipers and master cylinders.
Best of luck

and can be retro-fitted to ours. Sorry, pressed the wrong button earlier

Surely ‘diskette’ is an extension of ‘disk’?

Would have thought so. Funnily enough, it seems that in the UK disc was spelt disk centuries go, we changed our spelling sometime after the Pilgrim Fathers set sail. Or so I’ve been led to believe.


 centuries go, .[/QUOTE]
About the time the Guzzi brake systems were designed

aaanyhoo - can I do the disk swap?

The replies you’ve had (or more importantly not had)and this
Would suggest a resounding No
My engineering head would say it’s feasible but impractical based on technology, parts matching, cost and trying to convince the powers that be that it’s safe.
Just my opinion,

Yes fair enough - if its a tricky fit I’d be best leaving alone, especially as its safety-related.

I’m going to the Pilgrims Rally this weekend. I’see if anyone knows why.Or get drunk.

By Noah, I think. Before he became an alki.

I’ve got Ducati 916 ROTORS (not discs ) and Brembo gold line calipers just waiting to be fitted to my T3 hubs.

The adaptors can be bought from the net, but I have a local firm that will make some up.

Brembo calipers can indeed be rebuilt, there is a company in (ISTR) Birmingham that does a complete refurb and respray if you want.
Let me know if you want dets and I’ll dig out the info. Very reasonably priced too.

EDIT just found the details

£53 per 4pot caliper for a total refurb including seals and it goes up to £74 to include repainting
Oldrat2014-08-01 22:43:59

It can be done, I tested a T3 special once that had the same conversion, though he had 38 Marzocchis, looky here: T3 special

Cheers Oldrat.
I’ve not been able to source seals for the newer callipers so will keep the details for future reference
All the best

Do you have the contact for the rotor adaptors?