Ambassador Breather

Hi. My bike is now back in one piece but the breather, I have discovered is just an open box. There is no valve. My question is. Can this be repaired. If as I suspect it cannot what would be the best alternative. Has anyone fitted one of the ‘Guzzi bits’ ones without the support bracket. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Dave

I’m not familiar with the loop frame breather sysyem, but the later Tonti bikes have a one way breather in the top of the main crank case vent (the big pipe) It is a ball that rises with the pressure in the cases when the pistons descend and it drops down when the pressure decreases as the pistons rise up the bores. There is no need for any flap valve in the breather box with this. Do the loop frames have something similar?

Yep. I think I’m sorted now. The orginal had/has a flapper valve in the larger tube to act as a non return valve from the top of the crankcase so as to maintain a negative pressure. After 50+ years these no long work so the get around according to ‘Guzziology’ is to push the valve out of the system then fit a later ball valve in the rubber tube…so that’s what I intend to do. I’ll post pics when I do, just waitingthe parts