Ambition realised...and more dreams founded.

Well, we did it. Plymouth & Newcastle to Mandello and back 4th July to 15th July. I did 2339 miles all up, Jeff on the Norge did a bit more (as he came down from Newcastle to Dover). We had a wonderful time, met great people, ate great food and drank fine wines sitting on a roof terrace in Grindlewald as the sun went down… Did the Stelvio, Susten and St Gotthard passes and loved them all. Stayed in Restaurante Grigna…at breakfast by the lake, pastries from the nice bakery in the old part…The Black Forest was a revelation, great riding. Carried camping gear, but never camped as it was damn hot. Museum was pretty good IMHO - what you see is what you get.

The Breva 750 never missed a beat - what a great bike its been for 15 years. 100mph in places fully loaded all fine. Lost the rear brake coming down the Stelvio…no worries it came back with a rest. The Norge blew the main fuse and thats it. Replaced and then it was fine.

Saw lots of Guzzis in Mandello, 3 x V85TTs, saw 10 Guzzis in 15 minutes of arriving in Mandello :sunglasses:

Oh and I now have a craving for spatzle.

If you have never ridden in the Alps, been to Mandello, or stared up at the Eiger in awe…just get out there and do it! You wont regret it. :smiley:

Sounds great.
The kind of story that gives me itchy feet!
A write up for Gambalunga would be much appreciated.
Roger S is a very supportive and helpful editor.
All the best

I do plan to write it up for Gambalunga, just getting it all straightened out!!!

Great stuff. Look forward to it.

I am writing the story up for my blog;

and its getting well out of hand :open_mouth: already close on 5000 words I think. I’ll have to slim it down a lot for Gambalunga, hope Roger can help with that…

He likes a challenge!
If it’s all good content then serialisation is an option.
Happy typing

Scotty (?) I’m guessing that you were there B750 owner from Plymouth that I met at Guzzifest? We compared notes on our bikes (you thought mine was slightly tidier that yours!).
Good to hear about your experiences on the road - will hope to read more about it in the mag.

Yes that was me!!! Been off the bike since then as I got a puncture in my tubed rear just outside Hatherleigh and had to be rcoevered home. Got the rear off new tube in, tomorrows job is to get the wheel back on.

How come you are running a tube in the rear wheel?


you might have seen my scruffy breva 750
well actually you wont
the old heap was in Agostinis being mended, she is a regular visitor and I am part of the family !!
what cracking service and such helpful staff