And so it starts - V50ii Gear Box cover

First biggie I have noticed is this gear box cover, at first I thought that the inside had just been chewed up by the UJ, but on closer inspection I can see it has been repaired, please see the attached photos.

So my first dilemma is:

If repaired the inside still looks a bit knarly, so is this acceptable going forward, I would presume (ha ha) he said that if someone took the trouble to repair it would be ok even if not cosmetically the best.

Secondly, not having much of a clue on politics or Universal Joints again I would presume, pausing again for laughter, that if the cover has been repaired the UJ would have been. I have lead a really sheltered life.

So can you test the UJ for damage or is it a stripdown and recondition, I would be loath to send it off for reconditioning if it doesn’t need it, also is it a job that is easily done at home.

Given the damage to the casing would it be only the UJ giving up that could cause it, the splines look ok on the gearbox.

Finally if I have to take the cover off, is it a straight pop off or will there be springs and things popping out everywhere, can’t work it out from the schematics and I have had a nightmare once before doing this. I have searched and gearbox covers alone do not seem to be very forthcoming.

Sorry for such a long first post but sure it won’t be the last



Yes – unfortunately nine times out of ten a UJ failure on the small blocks does a good deal of damage to the housing, as witnessed on your example. Not sure on your question regarding the housing – looks like someone has done a half decent repair there. It’s not going to matter how rough it looks on the inside.

After that blow up for sure you have a replacement shaft and UJ fitted. If the UJ all feels OK then it probably is. If you want it refurbed to be sure then talk to Nigel at NBS he’ll do that for you.

Thanks so much for the reply.

I have had a good rummage yesterday and found some paperwork that records a new Drive Shaft fitted at 33,777. New exhausts at 33,919 and that was last entry. Been off the road since then with clocks showing 33,994.

So it does indeed look like it has been done. Big relief there.

Thanks again for your help