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Hi all, can anyone help me with the original position of the starter relay on the V1000 Convert. Mine has been located on the plastic mudguard section behind the battery and it prevents the tool tray from fitting properly. The electrical wiring on the bike has been modified quite a bit and I cannot see where the starter relay was originally positioned.

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Not sure about Convert, but other models it was near the bottom right pillar that the right side panel lower securing grommet presses onto. If that makes sense. In other words pretty much below right side of battery tray.

On my 1974 850T it is attached to a thin pressed steel bracket bolted to the gearbox via the same bolts as the neutral light switch, there is a cutout in the bottom of the bracket to clear the neutral switch. It has its own rubber cover (removed for the photos) to keep the weather out. I hope this helps.

Thanks Mike and Chris. It cannot be located as per the T3 because the hydraulic oil tank fills the area under the left hand side panel. However I think Mike has provided the answer. I can make up a thin bracket and locate the relay on the right hand side under the brake master cylinder.

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Yes on my old LM1, it was near the rear master cylinder. The empty shell of the original was still in place (style as per Chris’s picture),but I never knew it as even there until the 2012 rebuild, that’s how well hidden it was! :slight_smile:

It fits on a sort of triangular bracket behind the master cylinder on my Spada, as Mike mentions, it is fixed to the side panel pin.
Relay wiring mod2.jpg

I have been giving my Convert a refresh and dismantled it to paint the frame. When I was reassembling it I could not for the life of me remember what that triangular bracket was for. I have mounted mine to the rear of the battery, but might now give the triangular bracket a purpose!

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I did the same thing when I tidied mine up a few years ago!