Any V50 owners out there?

I have been rebuilding a 1982 V50 since lockdown. Are there any owners out there with whom I could have a phone call to understand some of the details of your working bike? First up is the wheel spindle that seems not to have any spacers on one side? Is the wheel really held in position by the brake callipers?

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Hi, I am “one of those”, although my V50 is in the different time zone.
Regarding wheel spindle, I understand front one, the spindle is fatter at one end, so wheel won’t move against it. Then, other space is filled with speedo drive, where its internal part, short steel tube, is supposed to act as a spacer. Yes, sometimes it becomes “stuck”, especially if you apply too much lbft to the wheel nut; then, if your speedo drive is tired, it falls apart in the way that this internal tube moves out towards the wheel; a steel washer with ID of the spindle and OD big enough to cover not only steel tube, but a bit of alloy body of speedo too, placed between the speedo and the fork leg will solve the problem.
Next issue please:)

Have you got the workshop manual or a parts catalogue? The arrangement is clearly shown there. From left to right (facing forward) you should install: the stepped axle, which passes through the left fork leg with its shoulder against the wheel bearing; the wheel; the speedo drive and the stepped sleeve; then the right fork leg, washer and wheel nut. Ensure that the speedo drive is not pinched and the tang turns easily with the wheel.
Also, (if you haven’t done so already) check that the small spacer is installed on the right hand pivot point for the swinging arm, otherwise your wheels will be out of alignment when you set the pivots to equal protuberance. It was missing on my V50!

I would be willing to speak on the phone with you as I have a 1981 Monza and have owned 2 other V50/3s
Send me private message if you wish to take up my offer