Are These Two The Same Red?

Dear all,

I have tried to get answers from Guzziriders on this, but none up to now. I hope someone among you will be able to help. I am a 50 years old, long-time Guzzista who stopped biking for many years and started again last year with a new to me Moto Guzzi 1000 SP I would now like to have resprayed. I live in Essex.

This is the exact red I would like (in principle) to have for my repaint job. It is taken from the V11 Le Mans MY 2002 in red

RS bike paint (recommended by Lechler) states that the relevant paint is this one (note: base paint required!)

However, the Le Mans Rosso Corsa MY 2004 has a colour that I always thought to be exactly identical to mine (please focus on the bright red parts and disregard the dark red parts: I think they are decals)

However, when you look for the relevant paint for this model on RS Bike paint you get this (note: no base paint required!).

Now, if there is an infinitesimal difference I don’t care, I will go for the easier paint. However, I have not seen a Rosso Corsa for many years and I cannot remember whether there were really no appreciable differences (as I recall) of whether the two colours are that different.
If anyone has knowledge of the two colours, what difference they might have and whether they think they difference is more than very little I would be very grateful for feedback.

Thanks again to all


I’ve used Ford Rosso red with good results on my LM III.

Thanks Ian,

to give more background: I am extremely fond of the first of the two colours (I have a bike of that colour in Germany), and for the respray of the Spada I would like exactly the same colour. However, that particular colour is a “two stage” colour requiring a base paint, which is more difficult to apply correctly.

I remember thinking that the Rosso Corsa (the second colour) was the same colour, but I do not remember actually seeing a Rosso Corsa in the flesh. The Rosso Corsa uses a one-stage colour that would make things easier for everyone (the resprayer and my peace of mind).

This is why I am sking whether someone has knowledge of both bikes and can confirm that they are, in fact, the same colour.