Aylesford Priory

Anybody going to Aylesford Priory next weekend

No, seem to be managing on my own so far. No lapses for a while now.


Are you going for a detox? https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on2/Medway-Rochester/-The-Friars-Aylesford-Priory/Detox-your-Mind-in-2018/13109449/

What a cracking weekend at the International West Kent Run, loads of old Guzzi’s from across europe, so many different types of classic bikes, and a few Guzzi club members too, great fun all round

My Eldorado just hanging out…

Next weekend Guzzi Fest

Bob, the hairy mong’s KX Enfield, when found in a barn, it was a bubblegum pink chopper!

The “Peroni-Express”

The French contingent.

Great photos Kev , a real treat to view .