B11/Norge ECU connectors

The B11/Norge Sport has 2 large connector blocks on the front of the ECU which lock in with pivoting locking arms. Having real trouble getting the male female connectors to rengage. You can’t get anything the wrong way round/upside down I don’t think. tied with the locking arms off but don’t want to bend a pin. I think the design of the connectors is poor or I’m not that bright. Any tips to mated the male/female ecu connectors. Took it apart got the unplugged ecu symbol and red triangle. thought it might be the ecu connectors or earth.

Any one mated the ECU connectors on a CARC bike?? My problem is getting the 2 halves to engage such that the pivot clamp can engage the lugs and pull together. U’d have though carefully lifting the pivot lock off completely would allow u to push the halves together but not with normal pressure the engagement is so loose one worries about pin misalighment. How do you closethe 2 halves. I can e-mail a picture of me trying to do it so an expert can check orentation. Please help guys, share your experience try to mate this connector.

I got it figure out and hopefully might cure the ECU unplugged error or it a new ECU required