be nice to your clutch

2013 v7 racer 32,000 miles.had to have a new clutch plate fitted at a wallet upsetting price as it was worn out.i know some people say ive done a big mileage but i was not expecting to have to change the clutch plate yet!its been a reliable ride apart from one lambda senser and one spark plug cap giving up the ghost … :neutral_face:

Sounds odd.
Have MG used a small clutch on the V7 than they did on the Breva 750?
What kinda riding do you do?
I recall comparing the spec of the Breva 750 and V7. The V7’s max torque seemed to be at higher revs. I wonder if the engine demands more revs and clutch slip than the Breva 750 moving off?

the bill says breva clutch friction plate.most of my riding is fast road use with odd trips through london traffic

Blimey, something must have been a miss at some point. My Breva has done similar mileage, but thrapping up n down the box on B and lower a roads and a 5 mile round trip urban commute for two years.

why didn’t your dealer try to claim this on warranty as a "commercial claim "?Â

m-g warranty clutches to 11000 mls , but can be talked to if the mileage is past this .

most warranty items have a limit be it time or mileage  …but i have done alternators @ 50k mls Â

Is this another example of “motorcycles are just toys” i.e. should not be used as serious transport.

.im afraid it might my bike is unusual a lot of people at bike meets have got to know me and the usual first question is how many miles have you done now?

its same basic clutch as a v35.

My TT is at 30,000k’s and needs a clutch soon.

My v35 clutch was warn out at 9k.

The later ones have a different style friction material but same overall design


I’m not convinced that clutches are ever really seen as covered under warranty. They are far too easily abused one way or another. I’m not sure how you might abuse an alternator (but I’m willing to give it a try).

Not sure if it is remotely relevant but I swapped out the one in my Veefer at 48k miles. I was in there anyway, and had thought it was just starting to slip. In fact it was still well within tolerance. Up to that point the bike had been used and abused two up all over Europe. So maybe not bad.

The small blocks have a issue with the pressure plate not being strong enough particularly on the v65’s causing premature slipping . If you look at the parts books there is an updated part that has higher rates springs.

Other issue is older bikes done have any lubrication to the push rod and it slowly wears down or sizes and melts… later v7 push rods have a spiral machined into the rear to force gearbox oil in to the push rod sleeve Â

The clutch on my 2010 V7C has started to slip too, but at 120,000k (75,000 miles). I thought it was a little premature, but accept it as normal wear. 32,000 miles seems much too early. On the Stein Dinse site the plates appear as interchangeable items for the V65, Nevada, Breva and V7C, R & S. There parts themselves are not expensive, but the labour is, so I’m going to learn how to do it myself.

My local workshop has come across one customer who has needed two new clutches, both at 10,000k each. That would seem to be, on the face of it, a rider problem. However, the clutch adjustment appears to be somewhat finicky on these models, as well as access to the lower adjuster at the operating arm being bloody awkward (changed for the V7 II). It seems to be that the lower adjuster has to be set up correctly first, to enable the proper adjustment at the handlebar end. There are detailed discussions & instructions, with photos, on the Wild Guzzi site, for those of us who are interested.


Well I’ve just had a new clutch fitted to my lil’Breva at 45,000 miles.
I will let you know the price.

there was a later spec clutch basket with uprated springs to help with the power on 650 and 750 small blocks.

Clutch design is same as my 1977 v35mk1 …Â Â
My TT with its modified  engine  happily slips on a  complete brand new v7 efi clutch even when the clutch cable is so loose it drags :slight_smile:

local company have the old center plate to look at different friction materialÂ

Collected from my gaff.
New clutch, old one down to the rivets and centre boss moving.
New engine oil deal.
New temperature sensor mount, old one cracked.
New gearbox oil and gaskets.
Back to my gaff.
This bike has let me down twice on the way to a rally and therefore been given to someone to sort rather than doing it myself.
Consequently I have spent more on it than all my other bikes put together.
Just a comment.

[quote=“cyclobutch”]I’m not convinced that clutches are ever really seen as covered under warranty. They are far too easily abused one way or another. I’m not sure how you might abuse an alternator (but I’m willing to give it a try).

M-G cover them up to 11k miles , longer with serv history .