Bellagio Suspension Bearings Applies to a

All this talk of SEIZED Bearings and Bushes i decided to strip my bike down to have a look
I believe this will apply to all the Carc Bikes.Dont think there is much difference between them.

First thing you do need a bike lift.
Here is mine ready

Remove the exhaust

Remove the Wheel and Hugger (can you see my Flap) to protect the shock

Hugger gone Carc and Suspension bearings You can get at them

I ground a C spanner to fit the nut,You have to remove the foot guard to get the nut off,

Showing after being removed,You have to get the road dirt fom the bar before removing the centre pivot.
If you just try and undo it,it acts like its seized

Remove the Dog leg and bolts

After removal,You can see bearing seals and centre pins

These bearings have loose roller bearing,Remove halfway
Grease.Then push throughthe the other half and grease the other side.
On reassembly Smear grease over the seals,To keep the water out.

tonewuk2013-03-04 21:17:17

You can see my Smearing of grease

Use a sump plug remover to get swing arm pin out

If you removed the road dirt,it should turn out fine.

Take off the Torque arm

And dont forget the wires and brake lines

Remove the Carc rubber seal covering the prop shaft
Then Pull

If you pull hard enought

Leaving the prop shaft behind

To remove the prop shaft
You need a drift and hammer to knock it off the gearbox end,See the retaining clip and total lack of lub on the splines,The Swingarm bearing dropped out when i hit it.

Here is the taper bearing
Not much lub

Its more important to lub the inner face,Fill this with grease to keep the water out.

LH side not much lub here

The bearing in situ

I will post about rebuild later.
tonewuk2012-12-28 19:40:05

good pics tone but don’t think anyone is interested in Carc bikes

will have ago at this later myself so might be asking for more info!

Different bike to mine but I really appreciate these “how to” posts, builds my confidence for when I eventually do something like this.Thanks for taking the time to get pics,Regards,John

There are some tricks to watch out for.
I will post them up later with pics.When i stick it bach together.
Bloody hell i went welsh then.

I put a link to a thread on Guzzitech with pictures, in the Breva swingarm bearing thread.

~if you don’t have a c spaner to grind down then you can get the tool here for cheaper than the dealer price. 00:14:23

Are you using corrosion block grease as that is blue too. My brother uses it on the bearings for his boat trailers that constantly go in and out of the sea and other boat parts that need greasing.

Thats great Tone. Yours has clearley been well looked after. The Breva Im working on has done 30k and is a right old mess. Everything was seized. Only difference in the strip down is I removed the bevel box first. Thought it would be lighter, and easier when reassembly especially getting the prop to re-engage. I found it impossible on my Norge with the bevel box in place.

Clearly the hugger works well. Will be getting a couple one for the Norge and one for the Breva.

That has given me the boost I need to have a looksee as soon as I have managed to put my Convert back together. I am at present negotiating withthe head of the gestapo on bringing it into the conservatory so I can see what I’m doing with the wiring. My shed is a cold, cold place with poor lighting and only enough room to swing a gerbil.

That saphire grease has so many additives i dont know how it can be called grease,Its ok on low speed apps
I am going to pack the Ujs in high speed grease.
I know most will throw off,But i dont think a bit of grease will hurt,
Even though there are seals on the swingarm spindle,the water gets in on the inside face,not the outer face.

i no longer have a carc model but i remember doing my griso and no grease to been seen.Very good information

I still have a tin of the Duckhams chainguard grease, which you heat up and immerse the chain in. I heat up the UJ, then let it cool in the grease, hoping that cooling will suck some grease into the bearings.
Brian UK2012-12-30 09:34:49

Has anybody else had to take the bevel box of inorder to fit the drive shaft back on the bevel box splines ,My bevel box was stuck fast to the swinging arm with silcone gasket sealent I ended up using the wifes best pallet knife and a couple of steel rulers to cut the sealent but so as not to mark flange faces. I think we all must be bored with christmas so have all disappeared into the Garages to get the bikes ready for springRegards Keith
8 Valve Eagle2012-12-30 16:27:23

Ok time for reassembley
I split the carc,You can do this on the bike.
When split i found water ingress

There are no drain holes for water.
My bike now has one,just under the lip

I put a bit of grease on the UJ’s ,i know most will fling off ,But it will not hurt anything.

Fitted the swing arm over the prop shaft and locked the swinging arm on the bearings.

Dont forget the cover

Side the prop shaft onto the carc and bolt it back up

Fit the torsion bar,Grease your bolts

Dont forget the heel guards

Dont forget the speedo sensor.
Dont tighten to tight,and grease over it after

Grease up the dog leg,Over the seals

This pin pivots in the carc with no bearings so get plenty of grease on it Run straight on alumiminuim