Big end shells

Having a bit of bother locating a set of standard size big block shells, no joy searching internet, tried local crankshaft people (Cleasby, Durham), local bearing supplier (Acorn,Washington) rang Gutsibits (they are thinking of getting some made), anyone know who might have them in stock?
Markings on each shell
Cheers Phil

Try Google search Guzzi 30062000 and it brings up a few suppliers.

Kevin at scrambler cycle is a keen Guzzi owner (and fellow Stornello owner!). There is a 50-50 chance of getting caught for import dutes.

Stucchi are listing them. I have had an order from them this year and didn’t get charged any extra.

Stein Dinse are showing them, but with a long wait.

Cheers Don,
Tracked some down at Agostini’s,(helpful people), parts were about €80 but you need to place an order for goods costing more than €160 before they will send them …
Tried a few uk dealers, (all helpful), then found Fowlers, they have them on back order so ordered and paid for them, result I get them when they get here :smiley: