Bike just conked out

A 2006 Moto Guzzi 1100 GrisoMy bike just conked out on the way back from work tonight, whilst accelerating the engine just died as though the kill switch had been engaged. I tried turning the bike over with starter motor, the starter would engage and turn the engine over no problem, waited a while and tried again unfortunately most of the electric was used up so just got the obligatory clicking noise.Was not far to push bike home tried bumping it when on a down hill section to no avail just bought myself a 1.25 amp motorcycle battery charger from Hellfrauds to put some of the used sparks back into the battery.I just bought the bike last week so will call the dealer tomorrow to see what they suggest any ideas what could have caused this?

Check the fuses then get dealer to sort it as you have only just got it, could be a blown fuse or the cut off switch with a fault.

Will check all fuses and connections in the morning, all other electrics are working will check to see if spark at plug also.

Is the side stand spring keeping the it retracted firmly. Just a shot in the dark.

Oh yeh I had the V11 Le Mans not wanna start and some WD40 on the side stand switch/Clutch cut out switch …and while I was at it the brake switch on the front brake lever as it looks like the same micro switch as the clutch one…not had a problem since …the damp in the air seems to find it’s way into every thing this time of year, worth a squirt of stuff I recon.

Do you hear the fuel pump run when you turn the ignition on? Does it keep running? It should stop after 3 or 4 seconds.If it keeps running, look in the tank and see if you can see fuel swirling about. Most likely cause is that a fuel hose has come off inside the tank.

WD40 will be abundantly squirted to all relevant areasI did try turning the engine over with the stand up and down, warning light comes on as should when stand down and goes out when stand extracted I assumed switch would be ok. I also tried turning engine over with clutch lever in and in neutral.I will listen out for the fuel pump first thing in the morningThe bike is fitted with an immobilizer as standard so this may be another avenue to explore, tis a bit of a downer hope the dealer I bought the bike from is reasonable at resolving the problem.Thanks for all pointers and advice so far much appreciated

Some alarm immobilisers are more trouble than they are worth …

First thing i did was to remove the aftermarket Datatool one on my Cali 75th Anniversary. As GB says, more bother than they are worth and if someone really wants the bike it will go in the back of a van in less than 30 seconds. Darryl

i remember this happening to me very well .nearly got wiped out by the following riders

Bike is now up and running a big thanks to all at Thor Motorcycles First thing this morning I checked all fuses and sprayed all switches connections that I could see with WD40 then checked for spark at the plugs all was good but still did not start, listened out for the fuel pump when ignition turned on and I could hear it prime for 3 to 4 seconds then stop. Could not see the fuel swirling round but it was still fairly dark and fuel was hard to see.Called the RAC who checked the injectors and plugs nothing else he could do but I noticed the plugs were dry, the RAC said they done everything they could so I asked for it to be transported over to Thor Motorcycles.Called Thor to let them know the bike was coming over and they said they would have a look at it as soon as it arrived. As soon as I got there I was given a coffee I hadn’t even taken a sip when they found the fault!It was a fuel line from the pump to the fuel filter that had come undone, by the time I had finished my coffee the bike was back up and running. Very impressed with the level of service from Thor Motorcycles Thanks to all for the tips and advice much appreciated

It’s not a difficult fix if you know what your doing.