Bike lift advice

Good morning peeps
I’m looking at several bike lifts for my Sport, I already have an Abba Skylift but I’m looking for a platform one instead.
Before I commit to one, are there any recommendations. Thanks :+1:

There are two types, either a scissor action or a pivot type. The scissor ones rise vertically so take up less room in your garage if space is at a premium.

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Hiya Don
Space is always at a premium!!!

Does the abba skylift fit the sport. I looked into getting one for my 1200 Sport but their website didn’t list one for my model.

I’ll check which adaptors are needed and let you know, unfortunately I won’t be able to do this until the weekend though :+1:

I would love to use an Abba stand with my 1200 Sport, but I can’t see anywhere it could lift from, which is why there are no adaptors available I guess.

:+1: Thanks.

I bought a second hand one for £100 from a work colleague. Similar to the ones Sealy manufacture. Only thing is my Le Mans has lived there for many moons whilst it’s being upgraded electricallywise… Wish I’d bought one many years ago - souch easier to work on the bike with. Well worth buying

That’s an hydraulic working platform I meant to say, that can raise the table 3’ to 4’ high. I made my own very narrow one which only goes one foot high but that makes a great difference.