Bike Tool Kit

Just found this, looks like it might be quite good:

I have a tool roll by the same company for my Harley, it is pretty comprehensive and reasonable quality… although I did change the TORX and HEX sets for better quality sets. Other than that pretty pleased with it.

I see they have knocked off £1 (4%) for “Black Friday week” whatever all that is!

Believe the original “Black Friday” was when all the shares went down the pan due to an economy based on making money purely by swapping debt, insurance and retail footfall, sound familiar?

In the USA it is the day after Thanksgiving when the Yanks all have a day off as a bank holiday… Nothing to do with us here in UK, But just like Trick or Treat at Halloween it has leapt the Pond.

So long as we don’t import ‘lets go down the Mall and kill loadsa people everyday’ from the 'Murcans.