Bike trailer?

Do any of you tow a bike trailer with your car? How do you get on as far as insurance is concerned? Do you need a separate policy? Is insurance attached to the car or trailer - ie can you tow with any car? Does it cover the bike you are towing? Does it cost much? Thanks.

I believe my car policy covers towing. The towbar is mentioned on the schedule as a modification, although it’s mainly there for a bike rack.

But if you are towing your pride and joy, is that covered?

Very much depends on the broker and policy details. Can be a minefield.
When I had a trailer and towed bikes I specified this as part of the policy.
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I checked my policy documents. The third-party section covers damage/injury caused by the car or trailer attached to it. The accidental damage and fire & theft parts only cover the car itself. This is a Privilege policy.
I think if you want to have cover for the trailer and/or stuff on the trailer you would need to talk to your insurer. I would assume there are probably also specific policies aimed at people who tow often, such as caravanners, jetskiers, landscape gardeners etc…
Personally I really don’t like towing a trailer with a bike on. My main fear is losing the bike because of a faulty strap or something, although it’s never happened to me. When I fetched my 850GT from ‘up North’ I probably spent more time looking in the mirror than through the windscreen. A van is much better.

If the bike insurance is fully comp’ what’s the problem?

Does fully comp include transportation on a trailer? If it does I’m sorted.

That’s what I was told. When I collected my loop I rang my insurers to cover the bike when I collected it by trailer. They said the best thing would be to add it to my policy and put comp cover on it. Cost me £16 for 9 months!

The other question is does your licence cover you to tow a trailer?

Those of us of “a certain age” :laughing: have inherited rights so can tow trailers, drive 7 ton trucks and some other stuff

New licence holders can’t without the specific endorsement - a GRAND for the trailer training I was once told

It would be worth checking as you could end up with no insurance at all and a police record in the event of a bump

You should check with your insurer :slight_smile:

I passed my test at 16 in 1970! Twice round the block one way twice round the block the other way anddon’t run over the examiner when he jumps out in front of you!

You’ll be fine :mrgreen:

1980 for me so some restrictions, but you can probably drive tracked vehicles and road rollers too :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I’m buying a tank then! :laughing:

Ah, aka “grandfather’s rights”.

But can still be removed by magistrates if you’re naughty. :smiley:

I’d recommend one of these

Comes with 195BHP as standard (4.2 Jag initially) and is good for 50 MPH
Can also be found as an personnel carrier version should you need to take the kids to school :laughing:

Back to the original topic…
Speaking to a bike enthusiast this morning who tows his classics to events/holidays etc. He’s also used a rack fitted to a camper in the past.
A few horror stories about “I’m covered because it’s fully comp…”
One involved a £15000 auction purchase which was shunted by a white van and a total financial loss as ‘fully comp’ wasn’t as imagined.

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