Black engine paint

Has anyone had any success in locating a good match for the textured black finish on bikes like my 02 hydraulic tappet Cali?

Harley crinkle black paint is close.

Yep the Harley paint works …a good match to seal paint before it starts to come loose is the Halfords hi temp satin black.


The biggest problem is it seems to me Guzzi did not prep the alloy correctly the Harleys just do NOT loose their paint.

I looked into some painting tips and asked some of my customers, to get paint to stick the surface needs to be prepped and the finish needs to be wiped with an acid type prep…believe it or not white Vinegar will do that job ???

Then spray or paint on top it helps it to stick. Obviously the surface MUST be clean and dry before wiping with a white vinegar clean rag, leave to dry and paint or spray.

I am not a brill painter but i have used this and it seems to be fine, of course you can go buy etching wipe

I have to say when it comes to doing a clutch on the V11 I will get all that 'orrible textured finish off and re paint with satin Black smooth hi temp as the text finish is awful

Oh yeah one guy had a cali that looked awesome he was ex harley and his secret was to clean the text finish with kiwi boot black polish…it looked amazing and had doen an awful lot of miles. the finish was better than new. he said it was an old Harley trick…

guzzibear2013-06-08 10:08:35

Back to black silicone plastic polish works well and seals the surface stopping corrosion from getting started

Wilkinsons Barbecue paint aint bad…

Harley stuff best |I reckon…

My drive box is painted with a whimsical mix of dried potters’ clay, pounded to a powder, mixed into some Finnegans Smoothrite and talcum powder. It’s worked better than anything else I’ve tried…