Brake adaptors

Hi all,

Great site for information, but something I haven’t yet found is …
Does anyone know where I can buy some brake rotor adaptors.

I’ve got some Ducati monster rotors I’d like to fit to a Guzzi T3 wire wheel hub. Looks like I’m going to have to get some made up, so recommendations that way are also welcome.

It’s a café racer project, so I’m quite expecting some abuse from the rivet counter brigade, which is probably quite rightly warranted.

I’ll try to make up for it with a full restoration jobbie next time around though.

Thanks for looking. Brian

Never seen any adapters you can just buy off the shelf so it seems you have to get some made up. There are NO rivet counters that I know of in this Club, as Guzzi themselves can’t always confirm what goes on which bike as they have a tendency to mix and match at the factory

Thanks Mike, I thought I might need to get them made up, I just wasn’t sure if someone already marketed them.

I think there must be something out there already available as it’s a conversion I’ve seen a few times at least, might be worth emailing Stein Dinse, they list various clever adaptors here: adapters. Please do report back if you find a solution, it’s something I may be interested in doing too in the future.

Thanks for the link Italian M, I missed that when surfing the SD site.

I’ll let you know how I get on, firstly I’ll have to ring SD as there is precious little detail on the items.

secondly SD can be very exxy so I’ll get a price for having them made up and can compare.



It’s a good time to be building a cafe racer. There are a few people producing bespoke parts and advertising through specialist mags and websites
Best of luck

My special’s taking too long. Stripped it down 5 years ago. Got loads of parts, just little time.italianmotor2013-10-11 20:28:30

Gerratit mate