Brake bleeding

Hello all i’m a guzzi newbie
I’ve had to change the rear brake pipe on my 02 calli ,i’m having trouble getting all the air out of the system,has anyone got any tips.
has anyone had any dealings with one of these hand pump vacuum pumps
cheer’s chris

Here y go, how to do it from Frequently asked Questions as this comes up regularly.
I have been asked for this so many times here is the easy guide

You will need:

Large syringe
clear hose to fit end of syringe AND over bleed nipple
correct spanner to open close nipple full ring one is best
NEW brake fluid

1)First drain the old fluid out of the system

  1. Ok pipe onto syringe

  2. Suck into syringe put end onto nipple put the spanner to open/close nipple on pipe first

  3. Hold syringe up and flick the pipe with finger the air bubble will rise up into the syringe and to the top…THIS is why it is soooo hard to bleed a front brake cos in cars they are almost on the same level in comparison.

  4. Then open bleed nipple and very VERY slowly push the syringe.
    NOTE when the fluid gets to the resevoir it can squirt out so make very very sure the tank etc is protected. A fine jet under the pressure will go an awful long way

once the fluid starts to fill the res keep going till it is at least half full then close the bleed nipple

take off hose/syringe

top up resevoir and pop the top on it

pat y sen on the back job done

This job takes less than a couple of mins, easier IF you have someone to open/close the bleed nipple and stops the air bubble that often gets trapped behind the piston and the air in the hoses.guzzibear2013-03-24 14:20:33

Or use one of these:Brake bled tubeDead easy to use, just pump the pedal up and down, the fluid and air gets pushed through. You may need to raise the caliper up to gett he air up to the bleed nipple, particularly for the front left one.