Brake lining glue

Took my 850T out in the sunshine after a winter layoff today. One of the linings on the rear brake shoe became detached from the shoe though, no damage done and I got home ok. Trouble is it could take a while to get a new one. The lining is in good shape and the shoe is too, so could I glue it back together or is that silly? Araldite maybe? Seems a shame to waste a barely worn item and I don’t want to stay off the road until the replacement arrives.

I wouldn’t even think about a DIY job. Same thing happened to my Eldo front brake and Corsa had shoes in stock. There are people who’ll reline your shoes advertising in the Macs.

Agree about not being a DIY job, since the lining detached in the first place, you need to find out why, possibly some oxidising of the shoe not cleaned off before fitting the lining. The specialists use a redux type glue which is hard to find and expensive, best leave it to them.

I had a feeling that was the case. Thanks for the advice, I’ve ordered a new pair that should be on the bike in time for the weekend.

I get brake shoes of all weird sizes relined regularly by Steve at Villiers Services, really good value and service, website is:

Less than half the price of a new set! Already got a new pair from Stein dense, but I’ll send the old ones to VS and keep them as spares. Thanks for the link.