Brand New 2022 V7Stone for £6800

Limited offer from Colchester Kawasaki
2023 model is something like £7200
I have no idea what the difference is.

Last year’s price was £6,800 :grin:

So going up to £7,200 eh? :astonished:

There will be no difference other than perhaps a limited choice of the colour. It will be the same bike for sure. They normally sell for £8200. So bargains to be had in Colchester. Lucky you :hugs:

No not lucky me … I Paid £8600 for the Special in August and then paid £7500 for the Stone in October. The price of the Stone having been reduced from £8200.
I think, perhaps, the “22” model is a pre registered price and the 23 model is unregistered. Even so it is £300 ish less than I paid.
I was only in the shop to collect a main stand that I had ordered a few weeks ago.

Alas such is life. Typical isn’t it though! On the plus side I bet you are enjoying both of your V7 variants. I have recently bought a V7 850 stone and it is just fantastic. Very much reminds me of the care free days of my motor biking youth back in 1975. Happy days indeed :sunglasses:.

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I have no regrets and was happy with the deals at the time. We have eyes in the front to look forward and I’m looking forward to next spring. Ride safe