Breather routing

Can someone enlighten me as to the correct routing for the gearbox breather pipe. I’m damned if I can remember where it’s supposed to go!

What bike?If a big block, it goes up and back and finishes just under the top frame rail on the left side, It is normally clipped in with the side panel / coil mounting bracket.

Sorry Don. It was a mk2 Le Mans, although it isn’t much like one anymore as you can see from the picture. At least I know how high to mount it now, thanks.

If it is a Le-Mans 2 it should be the same as my Spada and you can see the breather in this picture

Ah, so that’s what that metal clip is for!

I know it’s a different model but I have recently stripped my 1000S down for a good clean and an engine paint and the gearbox breather hose did, as mentioned by Don-Spada, go up towards the rear of the bike.
However, I did find this bracket,(see pic), attached to an engine bolt just below the starter,on the bell housing, it looks to me like a holder for hose of somesort but what hose?, I suppose it could be the gearbox breather hose, but that would be a bit of a convoluted way of running the gearbox breather when it would be simpler to run it as previously mentioned.
Any ideas?

Hmmm, haven’t got that on the T3, but it does look like the clips/guides for the ignition leads that are attached to the metal stub between the carb and cylinder head - sorry, I realise that’s not very helpful.

My 850-T3 Cali gearbox breather pipe is routed up and then a hairpin bend back down between the gearbox and the starter motor. Always has been like that. Is it wrong?
David.CylvaBirch2014-06-07 13:12:21

That metal clip does look like the one for the HT leads, I guess they might use the same clip for a battery vent pipe down there?DaveIf it works, it must be fine, I think they were originally up high, it does give the coils etc a very light oil film running it up high.

That may explain that holder in my picture, could be the correct routing.

May be this thread you start a new life as “The routing thread!”

Thanks for the picture Don.
Grubby2014-06-09 11:00:38

My LM111 is the same. And I bought it new (though that doesn’t in itself mean it is correct).So long as it goes up as high as the top frame then mechanicaly it will be fine.I saw one that went straight down and the owner was always topping up his g/box. Routed up cured that.
iandunmore2014-06-09 11:26:15

Mine too!
have seen both routes used and there’s not much difference really.
it’s out of the way and you can see what’s coming out (if anything)
All the best

Mine literally does a hairpin bend as soon as possible virtually behind the starter motor. I do sometimes have a leak of gearbox oil but it is from where the plunger goes in and out to activate the clutch. I do not have any oil coming out of the gearbox breather pipe. Should I re-route up to the top frame and back down?
All the best,

Mine does the “Hairpin” bit but has recently started coating the rear tyre, so I may re-route as indicated in this thread…