brembo brakes

hi every one, looking for the black ribbed plastic brake pad inspection cover to fit my Brembo brakes my bike is a V65 SP can give dimension’s if required. P&P paid. Dave. Kent.

Hello mate
Far as i know they are the same as the ones used on the big twins of the same era! i might have a couple of spare ones in me shed if your interested or guzzibits have em for £6 second-hand let me know what you want to do and ill have a poke around this afternoon when i get home!.

There are two types, one is for the P8 caliper and the other for the P9 caliper

I have bought stuff from this seller before without any problems.

Best wishes

A V65 will be the smaller caliper than the P8, but as suggested above, it is possible a P8 one may fit.

hi every one, sorry for the delay in answering as I thought i would get an email to my adverts, the ones advertised upon eBay have an extra rib in the moulding, so guessing its larger, the one guzzibits are advertising have no ribs at all, so I’m guessing this calliper is smaller than the bigger twins. sorry this is my first guzzi as always by and large had Hondas. just spotted the tick box at the bottom of the page so hopefully this web site will email me in future. so still finding my way around in everything guzzi. thanks so far for all of your help. dave.