Brembo F05 calliper Left Hand

My search is for a replace calliper for my 750T, left hand F05 (stamped OL05 on the back). Looks like this is used across many pre 1995 small block. I have damaged the bleed nipple socket (snapped and then over did the drilling out), my calliper in otherwise good serviceable condition. So minimum I’m after is the half the calliper that has the bleed nipple and I can rebuild through to brand new just bolt on and bleed (this maybe easier said than done on the linked brakes). Many Thanks, Jeremy

I’ve used these on my caliper when I had to drill out the broken nipple. There are different fittings depending what you want. I sealed mine with a washer as the taper at the base was damaged.
Gutsibits sell them (others do as well) lol

Thanks Steve, Nice idea - I will take a look.