Breva 1100 Cutting out and ECU Disconnect Symbol displayed

My 2007 Breva 1100 is displaying an annoying intermittent fault. Â I am having a problem with the engine cutting out under power, seems very similar to fuel starvation on carb bikes. Â The first time it happened it started again OK but I didn’t trust it and so I got recovered. Â Since then I have changed the fuel filter and everything appeared to be OK. Â That is until yesterday, when again under acceleration the engine started to cut out. Â On the first time this was happening I pulled in the clutch and revved the throttle, the engine caught again and seemed OK. Â However, on the 2nd time about 20 mins later the engine would not restart even when dropping the clutch when still moving and I eventually actually came to a stop. Â I can’t remember whether I turned the ignition OFF then back ON but I was aware of a symbol on the dash which resembled a disconnected connector and the letters ECU. Â I turned the ignition OFF and ON a couple of times and managed to start the bike and rode home gingerly without any further occurrence.
Once home I checked for codes in the ECU using the on board diagnosis system, but no codes where latched in the ECU. Â I did have some in the Dashboard memory but these where mainly to do with Immobiliser Failures DSB01. DSB02 & DSM04.
I also seem to be suffering with the Hot Start problem as on several attempts, until the ambient and bike temperatures had dropped, I would get all the whistles and bells with the gauges and lights and the fuel pump priming but no starter motor operation. Â I will be doing the starter wiring mod today.
Which will still leave me with my intermittent cutting out problem - Any Ideas??

Are you getting a regular spark on both sides when engine is up to temp?

The starter motor not cranking is odd and not a clue about the ecu code.

Only suggestion I can make, based on a >slightly< similar issue years ago on my Sportie, is to check the resistance of the phase sensor or indeed pull it and check for damage on wiring and sensor or crud on the sensor face. This is worth doing if the sparks are irregular or in bursts as the sensor cuts in and out due to breakdown. The timing is then all to cock.

Not the definite answer you were no doubt looking for but maybe worth a poke at with a meter anyway to eliminate.

edit: these items are about £40 to replace, seen them advertised for at least twice. May need to alter connectors and these can be bought as same time.
I’d recommend if you need to go this route.

I attached another earth wire to the ECU and thought the problem had gone away as I have not had a repeat of the problem for over 200+ miles, that is until yesterday. I had a great ride on the Breva, did in excess of 50 miles and all was at peace with the world, until I stopped at the cash point. The ambient temperature was around 19 to 20 degrees C and I had been idling at some temporary traffic lights just prior to stopping at the cash point and the engine temperature must have increased somewhat while the bike had been standing. When I restarted the bike it ran for a second then stalled. I tried to restarted but ECU Disconnect then showed in the dash. Switched the ignition OFF and ON, engine restarted and I got on my way. That is until about 200+ yards up the road when I had to turn right at some traffic lights and the engine cut out, The Red Warning triangle was illuminated but the bike restarted OK. Â I continued riding, however, the engine kept dying (similar to fuel starvation on a carb bike) but it restarted every time. On a couple of occasions I managed to pull in the clutch while still moving and coax the engine back into life with the throttle. I got home read the diagnostic codes, there were none latched in the ECU but the Instrument Panel had recorded Code DSB 05 which I believe is Fuel Sensor Failure.Â
I have cleared the codes, restarted the bike and let it run at idle for some minutes, with the occasional blip of the throttle and it hasn’t missed a beat.
The only other possible contributory factor is that the fuel level in the tank is quite low, but the Fuel Warning light has not come on.
Can anybody shed any light on what Code DSB 05 (Fuel Sensor Failure) actually means and any suggestions as to what is causing the engine cutting?

I think I know what the problem was. The fuel level was low as the light came on as I set off this morning. I filled the tank and have done over 65 miles and been out for a hour and a quarter; varied riding conditions plus stops and traffic idling, the bike hasn’t missed a beat. Although the ambient temperature is not as high as yesterday. All I can put it down to was low fuel and a bit of fuel vaporisation; something I know a bit about during my days at Jaguar in the late 80’s early 90’s. I suppose that the Low Fuel warning light is not all that reliable. I had done just over 180 since the last fill and I didn’t brim the tank. We’ll have to see if the problem reoccurs next time I’m low on fuel and the ambient temperature is above 20 deg C. Until then I’ll just enjoy riding the bike.Â