Breva 1100 Gear Indicator.

Has anyone fitted a Healtech gear indicator to their Breva 1100? I checked their website and it seems the kit is made for a Breva, but when I phoned the dealer he said he wasn’t sure if it would, and they have previously had trouble with getting it to work on Guzzis.
Can anyone clarify the situation?

It’s embarrassing to admit, and I’ve not felt the need for one on my previous bikes, but I’d be interested in this too; perhaps it’s because the gears are so close together.

I have a universal healotech gear indicator fitted to my 8v Griso. You will need a colour coded wiring diagram for the bike but it’s not difficult to fit. I managed to fit mine and I’m no electrical genius! Works in a different way to the old Digi type - does not need programming the same and indicates almost instantly without the lag of older designs. Saves me riding along in 5th when could be in 6th. Works very well - I’ve had no problems. redtractor2014-05-31 22:08:05

So does it plug into the diagnostic socket and also need a connection into the speedo wire too? I am a but confused as I fitted one years ago to a Honda and it was literally plug straight into the diagnostic plug and that was it.

With the universal heal tech not being bike specific you need to do a bit of wire stripping and it uses in line connectors. On mine I had to lift the tank to connect a wire to one of the engine sensors and I think another three wires connect into the speedo cable from the back wheel. If you don’t fancy doing it yourself, I would have thought that armed with a wiring diagram, any bike mechanic would be able to do it. I will admit that I was a a bit nervous about fitting it myself and there was no-one more surprised than me when it worked straight away with no problems!

Thanks for that.