Breva 1100 headlight.

Desperate of Mid-Dorset here.

My '06 Breva has had its issues lately, the latest being the fact that, on startup, the blue main beam indicator lights up but the headlight doesn’t. No light output at all, regardless of how I play with the buttons, just the constant blue idiot light.Obviously this limits my use of the bike to bright and sunny conditions, but these are few and far between at the moment… any ideas what this might be? :question:

I’ll have a crack. I know of a 1200 Sport and my Breva 1100 which exhibited strange light behaviour (and in my case, strange charging and idling). In both cases it turned out to be the 30 amp fuses. One had dirty fuse holders and another seemed to have had a hairline crack in the fuse. Cleaned up and new fuses and the problems went away.

An update. If anyone reads this, it might be useful… The headlight issue turns out to be little more than a barely connected connector just by the headstock under the right front of the tank which was allowing voltage to be measured but no current… There was almost no need for the tank to come off but I did it anyway to show I could disconnect the dreaded ‘quick’ disconnect. The blown sidelight bulb didn’t help.