Breva 1100 indicators

Just got the Breva 1100 through the MoT, usual hassle concerning O/S indicators. No problem at all during the rainy weather but, as soon as the UK dries out, my ECU decides there is too much resistance to one of the O/S indicators, as in failed bulb detection, and the indicators go into fast flash mode with a fault triangle on the dash. This has been happening intermittently for about 4 years and despite checking and cleaning every connection, replacing all bulbs several times and even removing and checking the ECU board it is still happening. Luckily the nice MoT man decided the flash rate was fractionally less than 2 per second so got away with an advisory, to add insult to injury my dip headlight bulb failed on the way there but they let me fit a new one, so that’s OK. Has anyone out there ever solved this indicator fault without buying a whole new dash, and how?Cheers, Gerry.