Breva 1100 Mistral Fitted.

Well the Mistral decat crossover pipe arrived from Germany today and was instantly fitted to my Breva 1100,almost before the courier departed.
Very impressed by the way it fitted, absolutely spot on,despite reading some stories here about the Lambda sensor touching the frame.No issues on that score.

I had to take off the starter to undo the cable tie on the Lambda sensor and took the opportunity to replace both battery leads to the starter motor with 25 sq cable, the OE cables are a pretty marginal spec.

Anyway,got rid of about 5kg, mades the bike look less blocky now that there is a gap behind the sump and under the centrestand, it sounds fruitier, but in no way loud or antisocial even with no baffle in the Quill Trioval.

However best of all, the motor is definitely far more responsive and free revving. But then again anyone who has done this knows all that anyway

You sound like a gal after me own heart…Kate x