breva 1100 pannier removal

The panniers just seemed to push on but don’t want to come off, is there a knack I need to learn?, need to get them off so I can change a rear indicator bulb.


Should be locked on somehow?

Unhook retaining clip and turn key in lock in opposite direction to unlocking pannier - may also need to push key down. Should just pull back and lift off

if same as 1200 Sport, which seems probable, then as above: swing away safety clip at footrest connection, push down/turn key, then shove panniers rearward (not pulling on key!) about an inch to free off the bottom catch. You need to free the top two pannier lugs from the from the 2 frame brackets - for this the pannier must be rotated slightly, lift the pannier bottom out towards you a bit (not too much) and the pannier top lugs should lift clear from the top brackets.


Thanks guys