BREVA 1100 shock length?

Could anybody tell me what the length of the standard rear shock is from eye to eye please?

Measured on a spare oem shock 320mm

Thanks for that. The reason I asked is that I bought a used Hagon with remote adjustment and the vendor reckoned it had a half inch shorter spring than standard. I was going to get it changed back by Hagon. They quoted £125. It measures exactly 320mm though so I guess I will fit it as it is. I will measure the height from a datum point before and after to make sure all is OK.

is this shock a tailor made one for the previos ownr? if so is he smaller/biger/heveyer/ than you,
it can make a big difrence to the ride. I get my shocks from hagon, and have them bilt for my dimencions,ie short and fat

It is a Hagon, but he reckoned it was half an inch shorter, but it does not appear to be, which actually suits me as I am 5` 10``

I recon the rear shock could do with being a little longer than standard, I already have the front forks showing 10mm at the top, but could still do with it turning a little faster!