breva 1200 silencer

The silencer on my breva 1200 is getting a bit rattley. Sounds like the baffles have rusted inside.
Does anyone know of a replacement can that will slip on but does not need any messing with the fuel injection.
I would rather an aftermarket can than a new genuine one if I can find one.

There are loads of options, is it the 2v or 4v

I put a Staintune on my Breva 1100 and it ran faultlessly.

GPR are well made and if you leave the baffles in the bike will run fine.

will make one in stainless

Have a Termigoni plus split pipes on my B11 with an aftermarket air filter, one of the few plus points on an ECU equipped bike is that if you run it on chip fat with an open exhaust it will adjust itself to suit, (within reason), no need for all the old jet adjusting.Cheers, Gerry.