Breva 750 2011 EFI Iight comes on.Bke Dies.

Got myself a Breva 750 .2011

Having running problems .Runs great for a couple of miles then EFI light comes on after a couple more miles and runs lumpy and dies Won’t restart…Have had to push her home a couple of times now .Changed battery as she seems to drain it straight away.Diagnostics help required .

Many thanks . Scarverpete

Hi Pete. Where in the country are you located? Maybe a member could pop by and take a look.


Thanks for the speedy reply .

I’m based over in Aldershot.Any help much appreciated.

Many thanks Peter (Scarverpete)

check the fuses for corrosion
also the connector between the alternator and wiring harness, it can burn out and give low volts, then the efi light will come on
next thing, is the fuel filter a solid alloy one or part plastic and has it been changed
and is the fuel in the tank clean and recent ?
sometimes the drain pipe from the cap gets blocked and water gets in

What does “won’t restart” mean? Battery dead, or starter motor works, turns engine OK but it won’t run?

Battery brand new .just kills it have charged up and voltage good but won’t turn engine over on Start button not even a click…

Thanks for all the help ref EFI light @nd battery not charging . Finally fixed problem which was corrosion in the Rectifier terminal block .Quick clean up and spray with a good solvent fixed problem .My Son over th3 moon with his now working 2011 Breva 750 . Thanks again fo4 pointing me in the right direction :star::star::star:

Top Banana
I know that when I have my Breva serviced Antonio opens up the alternator connectors and the ones to the regulator and cleans them and treats them with some sort of stuff in a tube !!
seems to work
the road salt gets fired at them

Hi Guys

Problem with running come back to haunt me again .

Go for a quick spin and bike starts running lumpy and dies .

Eli light back on .

Checked everything listed in previous posts . Fuses Fitler and Fuel also replaced injectors .

Any body know where there is a Guzzi workshop near WORTHING .



Could possibly be your phase sensor.

You must have sorted it by now, just in case it helps, give Pietro a call in West Chiltington. Number is on the Motori di Marino website. Nearest to Worthing who knows his way around a Guzzi.
I had a similar experience when I first bought my 2008 model last year. Turned out to be about a litre of water in the petrol tank! When running with just about a gallon left in the tank, under braking the EFI came on and the engine cut out. Started up a few seconds later after coming to a halt. Then the side stand switch played up, needed cleaning and electrical connections tightened up. I’m in the process of replacing the alternator cable connector as its partially melted (common to the cheap connector used) which frequently plays it part in running issues. My experience is a ‘love hate’ relationship after my year of sorting problem after problem. Best wishes with yours.