Breva 750 charging

I had a breakdown today on my Breva 750, recovery guy showed me that over 3000 rpm battery was charging, on idle it was drawing from battery so if you sat on tickover for a while and then you turned the bike off not enough power in battery, new battery so want to check reg/rec but having removed it is nothing like any of the checks I can find on you tube, any help in how to check greatly appreciated

From the manual, it says readings across the battery poles should be 13.5v to 14v at 4000rpm. The alternator should be putting out 20v AC at tickover and 65v AC at 4000rpm, with the alternator disconnected from the system. Don`t know if this is any help but should give you something to check out.

Thanks will check that but I am just trying to get my head round checking the rec/reg unit

Do you have your headlight on all the time and also sit idling a lot? Or many short journeys? By ‘short’ I mean a couple of miles each time or so. The 3,000 rpm figure doesn’t surprise me.

Headlights will be on permanently.I do 5 miles to work and back and have never had to charge the battery.If you can access the computer test kit then plug it in, start up and it should tell you the fault.Where do you live?

When the bike failed I had traveled about 25 miles and was idling on a garage forecourt before shutting the bike off which then led to not being able to start it again, I have read the earlier forum piece about the burnt out connector block and I had this problem 3 years ago and it was sorted out by Haywards

Same happened again?

No block now as recommended known fix from Guzzi( never issued a recall just waited for owners to contact Guzzi dealer) is straight metal connectors and shrink wrapped

I presume the efi light does not go out untill the battery starts charging.How old is the battery?

light goes out ok, battery is approx 2 months old

batteries can fail abrubtlyespecially the rubbish from chinaI only use Yuasa

Took the Cali EV out for a spin yesterday, it had not been used for a while, battery was given a full charge yesterday morning.the bike cut out twice within ten miles, both times restarted after a few dabs on the button, went out today with the battery from the V65 in it, fully charged, the V65 done a 700+ mileage round trip to a rally on the Isle of Barra last week with no battery problems what so ever, but again the Cali cut out twice but restarted after a few more dabs on the button. got to where I was going which was about 35 miles from home and when I went to leave the starter just said “no no not today” all lights etc worked fine so the spare fully charged battery I had in the pannier was put into use and got me home ok, the red chaging light comes on when the bike is turned on and after a minute or so fades away as it should so like GJGOODY I think I will be looking at the regulator tomorrow morningthe V65 battery is now on the magic all singing all dancing charger but is still now after three hours not even a third chargedmany years ago the alternator on my T3 packed up in Spain so it was a matter of swoping my and Duffo’s alternators around every 200 miles or so,so if a old T3 battery can run for around 200 miles before packing up due to a non working alternator a more modern fully charged battery should be good for the same if not more mileage, but 35 miles? some thing is pulling the power, one answer could be a short in the starter motor but I dont think it is that.if I get a answer tomorrow I will post it on this thread as it might help GJGOODY .

northwest2014-09-21 22:12:22

I had a similar problem. After the bike died on the motorway I replaced the battery(with new gel type) and a week later bike died again. I discovered 1 of the wires from the alternator had come out of the connector. I replaced it with a new superseal connector. I also found when I removed the rectifier to replace the connector, 1 wire to the rectifier had rotted right through. I have had no problems with the battery since

Well I removed the tank and checked all the electric connection including the long plastic connector plug on the ECU, (small blocks differ re ECU’s,) the only good news after a 50 miles spin is the rev counter has started to work again after a few weeks of ‘rest’, had to use the spare battery again after about 40 miles, did notice the starter motor was well hot when I got back home, that will be looked at in the next few days, my Ohmsmeter appears to have hidden itself so a replacement will be got my few hours of trying to sort out the problem has given neither me or GJGOODY any ideas re where the fault lies, it will be sorted!!.
northwest2014-09-23 16:55:28

Could be a duff new battery.Are you with homestart or similer as AA etc can check the baattery?

well my Cali EV problem was the ‘Ducati’ Rect/Reg, a second hand one was found on E-Bay,this was after Moto Mecca/Gutsibits and Pete @Reboot could not help as none of them had a second hand one but all 3 could supply me with a new one at around£112/120 but not for a week or so, but one came up on e-bay with a decent ‘buy it now’ fair price, arrived Saturday at 10.30hrs fitted and rode down to the Shropshire branch camping event, a 260 mile round trip, no problems and the battery was still fully charged when I checked it when I got back home.not sure if this could also be the answer to GJGOODY’S problem.
northwest2014-09-28 23:35:37

This is odd:

did notice the starter motor was well hot when I got back home

    Starter motor being activated while riding? Would have thought you would have heard it though, grinding on the flywheel ring gear... (?)