breva 750 clutch arm

I have not ridden my bike since christmas
when I went out the other day I noticed the clutch was heavy and jerky
when I got back I sprtayed WD40 on the operating arm pivot and it freed up nicely
I am going to remove it and grease it properly, however I wanted to know does it have a needle roller bearing inside or does it simply pivot on the steel pin ?
any useful tips before I remove it ?
my fault for riding it on salty roads then not cleaning it underneath properly !

Clutch arm pivots on a steel pin, no bearings. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you but go easy taking the pin out! if you break a casing lug off…its gona get expensive :open_mouth:

thanks for that
I have only owned BMWs before and they had a needle roller bearing
I will keep spraying WD40 on it and then wanr it and gently tease it out, if it is stuck then I will use a fine blade and cut the pin

On a big block Tonti gearbox I had to let it soak with penetrating fluid, then tap it with a hammer in both directions until it started to move, then could get it out. Is normally secured with a split pin I think. Reassembled with a generous amount of grease.

If a previous owner was savvy then the split pin will have been replaced with a ‘R’ clip, if not, I would fit one. It’s advisable to remove and grease the pin every service. If you ride in the winter then spray the pin area with a chain lube too to protect it. While your doing some preventative maintenance you might want to remove and grease the long bolt that goes through the sump (This is the bolt that goes through the lower frame rail and right through the sump and out through the other frame rail), these are a real pain to remove if its not looked after. The Breva is a lovely bike, my brother has just bought mine off me and he loves it.

the engine bolt was done by Nigel at NBS along with many other things
I rode it in the salt last year and then washed it and left it parked up
it seems to have freed off after liberal coating swith WD40
however I am most unlikely to use a hammer near it !!!
probably pop the clip and try wigglingit out
if not its due for a major service and I will leave it for then rather than bugger it up