Breva 750 Procom fuel controller

I have done a search for the answer in the forum, honest, no hits, so here is my appeal for opinions on fitting a Procom Power Jet Fuel Controller. I have had the 2007 bike for a couple of weeks now and the fuel delivery needs sorting out. I would have added a finebau Forge item, if I could get hold of one. Just cannot believe the the previous owners have not sorted it out (perhaps that’s why I’m the 5th one in 10 years!).
I have seen them at the M&P website for under £90, so seem like a bargain against a Dynajet Commander.

Not much help but I have a similar item made by a friend.
It really does make a difference so at £90.00 would say give it a whirl.
Have you tried Gutsibits though?

Thanks Ian for the Steer to Gutsibits and I take it you have something fitted to yours? :wink:

Yes a homemade item by Pete the Bee.
Does the same thing.

After much reading, went with the ‘booster plug’ for a few dollars more at gutsibits. Once fitted and running i will add a few thoughts here in a few days. 6/5/18 update. Fitted the booster plug, handy that the air temperature sensor is there under the right side panel, no need to lift the tank. However I did lift the tank to thread the extra sensor through to the steering head. Test ride tomorrow.
7/5/18 - BOOSTER PLUG works, of course it does. Just cannot understand how a 10 year old Breva has not had any form of injection assistance fitted to it before. As for the Procom fuel controller, its got to work too, anything to get rid of that “running out of fuel feeling” every few seconds is good. Makes the difference between keeping and selling the machine.