breva 750 starter wiring mod

i have suffered starter motor problems with mine since new, the mainc ause was the idiot who fitted the immobilizer, wired it into the feed fromt he relay to the solenoid and it burnt the contacts in the immobilizer !!since then its more or less behaved apart from the occasional click clcick clicklast year the starter motor seized ( water or rust ) and a new heavy duty grunty one was fitted in mandellohowever on the odd ocassion i still get the click of death, sunday at Compton abbas no dice kept trying but it refused to engage, so I bumped itstill dead the next day so I checked the solenoid onyl getting 5 volts !!I decided to modify the start relay feed as per brians helpful advicehowever the wiring colours are different so I thought i would add a not here to help any one else doing it red/yellow = positive feed from starter button on right hand bar ( via kill switch)Mauve =earth via gear/clutch interlock relay adjacentorange/yellow =feed to solenoidred/orange = positive supply via ignition switch ( the circuit that fails)i cut the red orange and blanked it off connected a 10 amp inline fuse with insulated connectors and then ran a wire down to the battery, if you remove the two green fuses on the holder in front of the battery, cut back the leccy tape and you will find a soldered joint, splice your new feed to here solde rit and tape it back upI did it this way rather than have lugs on the batterywill post a picture later this weeknow when I press the start button the motor goes in with a healthy clunk
rapheal glynn2014-05-20 21:18:14