Breva 750ie REAR brake disc

So during my recent tyre change (CST £109/pair) checked the rear disc and discovered it needs to be replaced. However I can not find a rear disc! Even brembo doesn’t appear to offer a rear disc for my bike. The only non-guzzi dealer one I can find is £90. Does anyone know part numbers for compatible rear discs.

£90.00 is cheap.If you buy it let us know how you get on with it.How many miles have you done?

Got one for mine last year when I found the thing was cracked! I can’t say for sure, but ISTR that I had it fittted, with new pads, for £140ish. I can check at home later.107Euros from SteinAndrew C2014-09-22 13:02:04

She is a 2010, had 9000 on her when I got her July 2012. She now has 31000 miles. I have put a pair of 50mm Lextex stainless cans on her as the cat had come loose in the right hand side and rattled like mad. She is louder but not unpleasant. I’ve also added heated grips for winter riding. I will need to respray the rear grab handle and peg hangers next year as the salt has got under the paint. I have also replaced the oil sensor as it was leaking. I love this bike!!!Looks like I’m going to order the £90 Ill post when it get it and let everyone know how it is!