Breva Bevel Box Leaking

Ok. So, I’m starting to get really worried about the bevel box on my Breva V750ie. It leaks a little and, though I change the oil regularly, it’s always full of water. Too much to be condensation. I’m careful not to overfill and it’s the correct oil that I’m using. Apparently the leak is a common problem because of parts rusting so it’s likely going to need more than just a seal to sort it out. I’m resigned to the fact I’ll need to take it off and send it to someone experienced in rebuilding/reconditioning them. I’ve already got one recommendation there but I’d love to hear from anyone else with recommendations of people who do such work.

Also, I’m looking at the possibility of buying a second bevel box to use while it’s off. I’ve heard some say they’re all the same on later small block Guzzies. Does anyone know how true that is? There are two very similar looking units on Ebay which would do if it’s true. Find it hard to believe. Don’t fancy spending 200 quid to find it does 60 in first gear but kills the clutch in the first mile or can’t get past 30 in fifth. Worst still if it won’t fit at all.

Finally, who do people recommend for sourcing second hand parts for later model Guzzies?

Many thanks in advance.

When mine started to leak I made arrangements to take it to Twiggers in Loughborough and they sorted it while I took a trip on the Great Central Railway.

Thanks. I’ll inquire with them as well.

i drill the breather out to 4mm and blow them though when i change the oil . if it still comes out milky , change the oil more often .