Breva front caliper mounting bolts,stainless

Hello all. Does anybody know where I could get stainless bolts to fit the front brake caliper to the fork legs of my 1974 750 Breva? Not had much luck locally or with Chris Shaw, very pleasant and helpful though he is.

Thanks. Maggi

1974 Breva?

I use Quick Fast in Witham, Essex. Just give them the bolt diameter, thread pitch and length under head and they will match them. For brake caliper bolts yit is best to have plain shaft bolts with only a short length of thread otherwise the thread inside the hole in the caliper will wear away at the ali caliper.

Measure all these and give them a call. A4 stainless is better than A2. Some say stainless is too brittle for caliper bolts but mine have been ok (so far!)

Drop me a PM if you have trouble contacting them or need help measuring

Best wishes Chris

I’ve heard that too, but also chosen to ignore it.

EBay is full of bolt suppliers that sell stainless bolts, just work out the length (from under the head to the end) the diameter and thread pitch (useful to have a thread gauge) and order them, or any local industrial supplier will sell them.
I too have read the perils of using stainless bolts, but decided it’s unlikely that I would snap 10mm of stainless steel in normal road use.

Flu is my only excuse. 2004. :blush:

Measuring sorted so will try Quick Fast tomorrow. Thanks very much for info.
Cheers. Maggi

stainless is an alloy, so not as strong as steel . but ther are difrent tensiles of alloy as ther are steel, . :slight_smile:

I used SS bolts on my lemon for 20 years.
I wouldn’t use them for racing but apart from that no problem.

Might be a bit late now, but I use Westfield Fastners. They have most sizes, very helpful. Next day delivery.

Hi to all, and many thanks for all your replies. Sorry for the late feedback, but a particularly nasty bug took over our abode for most of the last two weeks and Lemsip and all its pals have been the only things receiving our attention. However, when we did contact the friendly, helpful firms that were recommended, they were unable to help because, contrary to just about every other bolt so far checked on the Breva, the mounting bolts had a fine thread and the lovely companies could only supply the size in a coarse thread.
Fortunately his lordship recovered first but only had strength to browse the net, where he found (sound trumpets!!) an equally lovely company in Bristol called Race Bolt, who could supply, at quite a fair price, two beautifully finished bolts in just the right thread and length. And, they offered, if that didn’t suit, they would happily custom make to our spec. They arrived next day and are perfect. Now for the rest of the bike.

Hope everyone else’s machines are well.

Thanks again. Maggi

Cheers Maggi.
Worth knowing about.
Here’s their information
Where there is a nut and bolt I have, in the past, gone for the available stainless coarse thread with a nyloc nut of threadlock.
Worth noting that stainless by its nature won’t corrode and is, therefore, more prone to shaking loose. Caliper bolt on the M20 anyone? :astonished:
All the best