Breva fuel cap.

Anyone else suffering a cap/key interact failure.
My first key became problematic open the cap.
Swapping to the spare resolved the problem.
Now edging toward 50k the spare is becoming problematic also.
Any comments beyond getting another key or forcing the lock that it can be used keyless.

What is the effect of the key in the ignition lock ? (Is there a seat lock too, or even a helmet lock ?)

You could try squirting in some PTFE dry lubricant or graphite powder. Apparently one shouldn’t use WD40, oil, or the like because they trap and hold the dirt.

Both keys are fine in the ignition and in the seat release. Just the tank cap.
I’ll give the PTFE and granite ago. Thanks.

Bikes been laid up since the start of lock down.
Got some 3in1 ptfe spray a while back.
Got busy on it today and has freed it nicely.

I hope you try graphite because granite might block it up more! :wink:

Still all good.

Good oh !

It is always nice to hear some cheery news on a grey January day, especially when we are bedevilled by Covid and associated prohibitions.