Breva/Nevada 750 (V7?) Front Brake Lever

There has been some noise on here about the Breva 750 levers and the absence of reach adjustment.A little nugget for you all. The lever on a Breva 750 56 plate/ Nevada 07 plate is a match with the early Honda Deauville’s and I would guess many other Honda’s. Here is my Breva with a Deauville lever complete with span adjusted fitted. Even has the hammer for the brake lever switch. Shame about the colour. The Deaville’s clutch is different and has no span adjuster and a different engine interlock switch. As the Breva and Deauville brake lever are interchangeable, it is likely that there will be a brand name lever for a Honda that will incorpoate an adjustable clutch lever and perch assembly. Of course the Kawasaki ER5 has a cable clutch lever with span adjuster. A snip and solder would have the Kawasaki switch grafted into the loom. Any motor mechanic should be able to do that for you at nominal cost.

Cabernet2012-12-02 10:59:24

Useful info, thanks for taking the time to share it.Regards,John

I would take a guess that there are replacement Honda levers in myriad colours as well, mind you it is not too difficult to get a rattle can and spray the levers a decent hard clear coat should save it wearing too much