Breva11 ecu disconnected !

I got the above message last week which generally means the ecu is toast I’m led to believe, has anyone had this and found otherwise, can you repair the ecu if so where ?, any advice appreciated .


Seems to be the consensus on wildguzzi John…fella there sourced 2nd hand one…

Electrex act as agents for a Dutch firm which tests, repairs, sells ECUs including Guzzi.
The firm is called CARMO
Got a great service when I thought the Mongrel ECU was blown. I like the fact that each progressive stage test, repair and replace absorbs the cost of the previous stage.
When mine came back from testing it looked like new.
Later picked up an ECU from Gumtree for £30 delivered. May be worth setting up an alert on the usual sites and Google.
good luck

Might be worth disconnecting the battery over night

Who knows - you just might be lucky

Might also be worth reseating the connectors

have you still got this problem? I have a breva 12 and had it about a month ago. just pushed the plug back together. now its fine but think the plug needs replacing.

My mechanic tells me that the ecu no longer claims to be disconnected but at present the motorcycle refuses to start, he has had the plug of and reconnected and has added a second earth to the ecu as recomended on various forums , he is now awaiting some more informed advice :open_mouth: .


My mechanic was working on the brevawhilst telling someone that he couldn’t get this bastard to start when it decided to run so after 5 minutes he switched it off then tried to start it again, it still won’t play, he’s very annoyed, all i know is it’s going to cost me.


That might be good news. i.e. if it runs and didn’t cut out on its own, then the ECU isn’t dead and you’re looking for a dodgy connection … somewhere!!

Back on the road finally with a much depleted wallet! , what the problem was is not clear although the tip over switch was the last thing they played with. A new speed sensor (£100) has been fitted to replace the burnt out one has been redesigned to hopefully prevent the water ingress that ended the first ones life, here’s hoping for atrouble free future.